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The Problem

Let’s face it. Medical care in our country is very expensive and insurance costs have skyrocketed. With higher deductibles and larger copays, and with the uncertainty of what the office visit and lab charges will be, many choose to avoid going to the office for care. When things get bad enough, and we do decide to see the doctor, many times we must wait days for an appointment opening or see a provider we do not know for a brief, urgent care visit.

We get it!

The Solution

At Havekost Personal Healthcare we seek to address the problems in healthcare with a new model of medicine called Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC is a membership based model of care where we seek to provide tailored medical care to you, the patient. Your monthly membership gives you access to care with same day and next day appointments, extended time with the doctor, and transparent pricing with the additional valuable benefits of laboratory and medication expenses up to 80-90% less than traditional practices. There are unlimited visits with no copays or deductibles. Please review the DPC video to the right.

Dr. Havekost is excited to practice medicine with this innovative model of care called Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC returns to the traditional roots of the family doctor with personalized care where the patient-physician relationship is paramount and time spent with patients and their families is not rushed.

Havekost Personal Healthcare Four Foundational Pillars

  1. Access—to actual health care
  • Same day or next day appointments available
  • Communication via office visit, telephone, text, e-mail, or videochat
  • Unlimited office visits
  1. Time—with Dr. Havekost
  • Half-hour and Hour-long appointments
  • More Time—Leads to Relationship—Ends in Understanding and Trust

Extended Visits = Relaxed Visits

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment, and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask.  Part of the relationship you’ll build with Dr. Havekost is based on you understanding your medical conditions.  That’s what we call personal healthcare.

Fewer Patients = More Time for You

In a typical practice, a family doctor cares for 2500+ patients.  At Havekost Personal Healthcare we will limit our practice to 500-700 patients.  We do this on purpose.  It’s no wonder we have so much time for you.  Because we limit the number of patients we see, our schedule is open and we’re available when you need us—no matter what time of the day or part of the week.

  1. Transparency—No surprises.
  • No office visit copays or deductibles. In fact, no middleman or insurance.
  • All office visits included. If there is an additional fee for an added service, you will know the cost of the service before the service is provided.
  1. Value
  • Comprehensive primary care for the whole person—physical, mental, and spiritual—with an affordable low monthly fee.
  • Generic medications and laboratory testing with 80-90% savings off traditional insurance.

Your quarterback—We are by your side as we assist you through the maze of medicine as your quarterback—referrals for subspecialty care, diagnostic imaging, or procedures