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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare that puts patients first by working directly with patients to provide care for the needs with an affordable monthly fee, getting rid of the red tape by which most other traditional practices are restricted.

What is Havekost Personal Healthcare?

Havekost Personal Healthcare is Beatrice’s first Direct Primary Care practice. We offer a pattern of family healthcare that is immediate, thorough, comprehensive, specific, easily affordable, and very, very personal.

Is concierge medicine the same as Direct Primary Care?

The terms are often confused.  Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model focused on putting the patient first.  That means treating them when they need it, never rushing patients through appointments, and being proactive with healthcare treatment plans.  The doctor-patient relationship is just as the name suggests – direct.  Direct Primary Care clinics don’t accept insurance, rather they choose to work directly with the patient for a low and affordable monthly fee, providing wholesale labs, deeply discounted prescription prices, and other costs savings along the way.  Concierge medicine providers tend to have a large “retainer fee” and continue to charge copays, deductibles, and bill the insurance company for visits.

What sets Havekost Personal Healthcare apart from other practices?

Through the Direct Primary Care approach, we are allowed the opportunity to spend our time where it really counts:  with patients.  Because we do not accept insurance, the patient-physician relationship is maintained without the intrusion of insurance companies.  We are able to have a smaller patient panel, affording us longer appointment times to get to know our patients and are able to provide same day and next day appointment when you have the need.  In addition, we are able to handle many simple problems conveniently over the telephone, texting, e-mail, and videoconferencing, saving time for our patients.  Long waits in the office are a thing of the past.  The four pillars:  Access—Time—Transparency—Value

Will I benefit from Havekost Personal Healthcare if I don’t require frequent medical attention?

Of course.  We might argue that everyone benefits from a service tailored directly to them.  That’s why we offer truly custom healthcare.  Our practice is devoted to the maintenance of your good health, to the enhancements of your daily experience that only physical well-being can bring.  We’re here for your reactive needs.  But proactive healthcare is important, and we’re here for that, too.

At Havekost Personal Healthcare, we provide the gift of time.  Large amounts of precious, irretrievable time given to you as you wish.  Every visit will be thorough and relaxed as we answer your questions, get to know you and your goals and concerns in life, and address the needs of the moment.  As the months and years go by, we’ll build a comprehensive, intimate knowledge of your life and family, health, invaluable understanding available in no other regimen of care.

Does Havekost Personal Healthcare accept health insurance?

No.  We have found the insurance model adds an unnecessary intermediary to the patient-physician relationship and increase the cost of primary care.

As a patient of Havekost Personal Healthcare, will I still need health insurance?

Yes. We recommend our patients continue a major medical plan with a high deductible and health savings account to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary.  Much like automobile insurance, we may need insurance for a major wreck, but don’t utilize the auto insurance for tires and tire rotations, gas, belts, tune-ups, etc.  That would make the insurance too expensive.

If I have Medicare, can I still join Havekost Personal Healthcare?

Yes. However, we currently have a waiting list. When you are able to join, you need only sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services.  Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, or hospitalizations prescribed by our offices.

Is my membership to Havekost Personal Healthcare tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no.  Your monthly fee is not yet defined as a “medical expense” in most states and as such is not deductible.  Please confer with your tax consultant to clarify tax consequences in your particular circumstances.

What happens if I need to go to the hospital or see a specialist?

In providing comprehensive primary care with unprecedented sorts of access, we seek to prevent or reduce hospitalizations and specialty referrals.  In instances where those types of care are required, we will certainly continue to work with your hospitalist during your hospital stay as well as work closely with any specialist.

Can children become members of Havekost Personal Healthcare?

Yes. We are happy to accept the children (birth to 18 years of age) of our enrolled clients.  At this time, we work with the Gage County Immunization Clinic for routine vaccinations for young children.

Can I contact my physician after hours? How?

Absolutely.  We find that with the ability to communicate with your doctor easily during the day, and with same day and next day appointments, the need for many evening phone calls is eliminated.  However, because illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, you may call Dr. Havekost’s cell phone number provided to you.  We are also available by text if your issue is not urgent and e-mail if you just need a response in the next business day.

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

Naturally we provide such care – yet another freedom we enjoy together as a result of  Havekost Personal Healthcare’s independence from the restrictions of third-party payment.  Because we know you well, we can streamline your care when you’re sick away from home.  Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation by phone, email, text or webcam.  Depending upon the illness, we may be able to locate the nearest pharmacy and order the medications most appropriate for your circumstances.

Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

We are never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you specifically ask that we do so.

Can business owners purchase a membership for their employees?

Absolutely. When offering a membership to their employees, many business owners note healthier staff who miss work less. The membership is also an employee benefit that allows a greater retention of their talented employees.

How will I know if Havekost Personal Healthcare is right for me?

Come get to know us!  Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your healthcare needs.  It’s the only reasonable way to begin what we trust will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. 

Need more information? We’d be happy to chat with you about the services we provide with no obligation to you. Please contact us at the office at 402-520-7302 or email us at drmike@havekostpersonalhealthcare.com.